CIP II: Research

These are mood-boards which contain a collection of publication spreads and layouts sourced from graphic design blogs such as, itsnicethat, and I have taken particular interest in these layouts due to there use of abstract design and creativity in the work. I enjoy the aesthetic of combining both a 'lo-fi' and contemporary approach... Continue Reading →


Give and Take Part II: Postcard development

When designing this edition of the post card as part of the deliverables for the assignment, i wanted to incorporate both the ideas of the 'torn' and 'messy' look from the original piece but combine it with a more contemporary aesthetic through the use of flat shapes, bold colours and include a modern sans-serif typeface... Continue Reading →

Give & Take PTII: Research III

As part of our brief, we have been tasked with creating an A3 fold-down print out to showcase our product. Not wanting to opt for a standard folded design, I began researching different innovative leaflet designs. I wanted something that was slightly obscure, though I could use a standard fold layout paired with good design... Continue Reading →

Give & Take PTII: Research II

Wanting to gain further inspiration for the direction of my project, i visited the library and found books that i believed would further my research. Though these publications were directly relatable to my brief, i felt a lack of creativity when browsing the images of furniture. Some particularly gained my attention with the use of... Continue Reading →

Give & Take PT II: Research

Carmel King: Carmel King is a London based photographer who work with a wide range of styles. Her 'Still Life' photography is relevant the brief we have been assigned, through her use of colour coordination on composition of objects. In this series King presents geometric household object with similar colour palettes that have been arranged... Continue Reading →

CIP 2: Spreads workshop

For this session we experimented with InDesign and attempted to create spreads for a publication which we would be making. I don't get to use InDesign too often and therefore lack experience and skill so experimenting with different layouts and how to create spreads was very useful for me. Exploring the different capabilities of InDesign... Continue Reading →

CIP: Page Layout

In this session we studied page layouts through publications or books we owned. The aim was to create our own publication spread mock up from several preliminaries we had sketched up. Instead of looking at one publication, I chose to go to the website of book that I had considered to use. idN magazine's website... Continue Reading →

Essay Film

To begin todays session we watched an animated film created from stills of historic objects. It was cleverly made, through the use of different of still inanimate objects to create the visual of motion. We discussed the connotations that are associated with certain items. We discussed how we instantaneously and subconsciously associate items with gender... Continue Reading →

CIP Presentation

After some weeks of research and product development, we were set to pitch our product ideas as a presentation in front of a 'student enterprise' team at Accelerator which could grant us the possibility of seeing our products and designs being funded and sold and displayed at the Christmas market. We had previously had mock... Continue Reading →

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